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IELTS Listening Listening


Listening Format

The listening test is a combination of four recordings of native English speakers and then transfers a series of answers on a given sheet.

  • Recording 1: There will be a conversation between two people on any social and other standard of context.
  • Recording 2: A monologue placed in a daily social environment, such as a speech about local amenities.
  • Recording 3 & 4: There will be conversations between multiple people and candidates are required to identify their own set of information to get answers.

IELTS Listening description

Paper format: There are four sections of each test either in practice or actual test day. The recording starts once and includes a range of accents like British, Australian, New Zealand, American, and Canadian. 


Timing: Track plays for 30 minutes and an additional 10 minutes to transfer answers to an answer sheet

A series of questions are 40 which are separated into 4 sections that can be answered by listening to the played track. 


The types of Questions are as follows:


The type of the questions is variable and enclosed as follows for the reference of the candidate’s understanding:


  • Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions are required to provide a specific answer by choosing the given option below the question. However, sometimes they may ask to select multiple boxes so it is recommended to read the instructions carefully and follow the same throughout the section. They design the question with letters like A, B, C, etc. You just need to choose the right answer by listening your the recording. 


IELTS Listening – Sample questions for practice
  • Matching

Candidate must match a numbered list of elements heard in the listening audio to a set of alternatives on the question paper. The list of possibilities might be some form of criterion. Matching tests your ability to listen for details and grasp information offered in a conversation on a common topic, such as distinguishing different sorts of hotel or guest home accommodations.


IELTS Listening – Sample questions for practice
  • Planning, Mapping, or diagram

It is to listen to a track to complete a section where questions appear in the form of the planning of specific events, building maps, or other diagrams. Candidate can easily pick their answer by marking the right corner. It is to assess your ability to understand visual diagrams or other representations.


IELTS Listening – Sample questions for practice
  • Form, note, Flow chart, Table, or completion summary i.e., filling in blanks

This type of question requires the candidate’s attention to fill up the blanks. The outline will concentrate on the text’s primary ideas/facts. One of the key factors for the candidate to focus on the requirements of words likewise “No More than two words or / a number. If the answer is given more than requirement words it will be marked as incorrect. The essential elements that a listener would naturally record in this sort of circumstance are the subject of this gap filling job.


IELTS Listening – Sample questions for practice


IELTS Listening Practice is a key to achieving the desired score. It is important to explore a variety of practice listening tests as there are more than 10+ Cambridge books available and each includes more than 4-6 tests for practice.

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