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IELTS Listening Reading Writing Speaking

Welcome to The Student Helpdesk's IELTS-Blog

What is IELTS?

IELTS is an International English Language Testing System that enables you to migrate on Study Visa, Permanent Residency; once you attain the required score as per required by the target country like Canada, Australia, USA. Etc.

How does The Student Helpdesk help you to jump from the IELTS score of 5.5 to 7.0+?  

The Student Helpdesk is here to provide you that everything needs you to prepare for IELTS Exam. We are teamed with former IELTS tutors who write blogs to educate you by sharing their knowledge and experience to enhance your English skills that could lead to your goals of scoring high in the IELTS exam. 


Core Concepts of IELTS

IELTS consists of four core modules – Listening, Writing, Reading, and Speaking.  

At Home

You can prepare for an IELTS exam, take the test and get higher scores using the right tools in your examination

How is the IELTS structured?

IELTS is having two standard classes Academic IELTS & General IELTS with a slighter difference in one core module (Writing) out of four (Listening, Reading, Speaking).   


The IELTS modules are organized as follows:


      • Listening Test

      • Reading Test

      • Writing Test

      • Speaking Test

IELTS Listening Test 

The Listening test lasts around 40 minutes, with 30 minutes spent listening to a tape and answering questions about what you hear, and 10 minutes transferring your answers to the Answer Sheet (if taking the paper-based test). In a computer-based IELTS, you will have 2 minutes to review your answers, which you will have previously written in the blanks.

IELTS Reading Test 

The Reading test lasts one hour and requires you to read sections of text and answer questions based on what you have read. This page covers a variety of duties that you may be required to do.

IELTS Writing Test 

The Writing test likewise lasts one hour and is broken into two parts: 20 minutes for a letter/report (Graph, Table etc.) and 40 minutes for an essay.

IELTS Speaking Test 

The Speaking examination lasts up to 15 minutes and is divided into three parts: an interview in which the examiner questions you about yourself, a Cue Card talk in which you are the only one speaking, and a two-way discussion with the examiner.

Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are given one after the other, with a pause just before the Speaking test. The Speaking test is frequently held on a different day.

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